Thank you for this Matthew. I saw the original post and your comments. I am so grateful for the work you do in exposing the spread of this dangerous bullshit in the yoga world, it's so disturbing to see it happening

I used to call myself 'The Queen of Procrastination' as a joke, and beat myself up savagely about it in private.

Since getting diagnosed with ADHD, and understanding that procrastination is a coping strategy my brain employs when I'm stressed/scared/overwhelmed/bored, and recognising that this is just *how I operate*, I am able to forgive myself and let it go a little.

It also helps a lot that the adrenaline rush of the immediate deadline does seem to trigger my best creative work, and somehow, I always seem to manage to create something great, even when I have procrastinated until the last minute. I think my subconscious is working on the thing I have to do, so when the deadline looms large, the work is already done in my head, I just need to then make myself sit down and do the work!

Great post Christina!

When I quit drinking 6 and a half years ago, I never told myself I was 'giving up drinking'. I told myself I was staying sober, and celebrated every morning I woke up remembering going to bed. The image I created this was was of the positive…

woman wearing chain mask

How old were you when you first put on a mask?

Not the one from the fancy dress shop, to wear when you went trick or treating, or to scare your little brother? Those masks are obvious and can be taken off and discarded easily.

And I am DEFINITELY not…

white coffee cup on wooden table with the word begin on it
Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

For most of my life, I would have described myself in a number of ways, none of them particularly complimentary.

Messy. Forgetful. Chaotic. Weird. Highly strung. Moody. Flaky. Disorganised. Mental. Hard work. Not good enough. Shameful. Too noisy. Childish. Unreliable. Always late.

These were my identity.

I had been told…

Through my time of being self employed, one of the biggest struggles I faced was completing tasks, both getting started and staying on task. …

As a lifelong Beatles fan, there are many songs of theirs that I truly adore, and I always really struggle to pick a definitive favourite because there really is a song to suit every mood, and my favourite will depend on many factors.

I can usually narrow it down to…

I have always turned to technology to fill gaps in my day, procrastinate from things I need to do, and withdraw from the world.

During my degree, pre home internet and social media, Solitaire, the card game, was my go to whenever my assignments got difficult or boring. At a…

We humans are born storytellers. Storytelling has been fundamental to our evolution as a species, our ability to communicate, to imagine, to empathise, to share histories, pass down the essence of our culture and families through stories helps us to bond, to create a common sense of identity, to learn…

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You’re having a tough day. You didn’t get enough sleep, you got caught in traffic on your way to work, you had a million things to deal with and couldn’t get anything done, everybody is driving you crazy, and to cap it all…

Esther Nagle

Kickass copywriter helping strength focused ADHD coaches empower their clients to the brilliance they were born for

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