Why I’m showing up to Ship 30 even though I’m scared I’ll fail

It’s the start of Ship 30 for 30. After much doubt, I’m in.

Last time I think I got to day 3 before life overwhelmed me and I stopped.

Not just the Ship 30 essays. I stopped writing a lot. No personal writing. No copywriting. Nothing much at all for a while.

It wasn’t good for my finances. And it wasn’t good for my mental health.

I had lots going on that I needed to write about. To release. To process.

But it’s so big, so painful, that I couldn’t do it. The very reason I need to do it.

The less I wrote, the more my emotions overwhelmed me. And the less faith I had in myself as a copywriter.

Clearly, neither of those things are good. I know what happens when my emotions overwhelm me.

And I’m a good copywriter, with lots of value and insights to add.

So starting today, I’m writing. I’m shipping.

I won’t be writing about the big, hard stuff in my Ship 30 essays. I need to write those words. You don’t need to read them. Not yet.

I’ll be writing about email copywriting, ADHD, and the healing benefits of writing.

And maybe I won’t manage to write every day. There IS a lot of hard stuff going on in my life. There might be days when I can’t. I might not make it to the end.

And that’s ok. Because right now, in this moment, I’m writing. I’m showing up. And by the time you read this, I will have published my first essay.

Maybe I’ll fail. But if I do the best I can, I can’t fail. Even if I don’t ‘complete’ the challenge.

And that is why I’m showing up. Even though I’m scared I’ll fail.

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Kickass copywriter helping entrepreneurs with ADHD to develop and implement a powerful email marketing strategy

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Esther Nagle

Esther Nagle

Kickass copywriter helping entrepreneurs with ADHD to develop and implement a powerful email marketing strategy

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